TRON Facilitator

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Muhammad Arsyad Bin Sulaiman
Facilitator at Seven Barret Camp

Academic Qualification
B.Sc Automotive Engineering Technology, Malaysia French Institute, Kuala Lumpur

His enthusiasm for the automotive field has driven him to his final year project, Effect of Oxyhydrogen to Air Mixture on Emission and Performance Characteristics of a Single Cylinder SI 4 Stroke Cycle Engine. He believes in the importance of enhancing the automotive industry for young learners. His goal is to nurture a future generation with creative and critical thinking skills in the automotive sector.

In addition to his passion for automotive education, he is a nature enthusiast and advocate for eco-friendly practices. As a survival camp trainer, he educates people on wilderness survival using simple tools and sustainable techniques.

He is currently exploring the use of rovers in TRON Bootcamp, working on incorporating special features into the rovers to simulate the kind of technology used in space. This aims to provide participants with a realistic learning experience.

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