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Lt Col (B) Ir. Mohammad Juani Bin Sujana
GM of MTC Engr/Defence. Sdn Bhd

WORK EXPERIENCE – Retired Lt Colonel after 24 years as Royal Malaysian Air Force Engineer.

An experienced and qualified Military Aircraft Engineer with a background in Electrical Engineering, graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and a Master’s in Public Management. Strong interpersonal skills and communication when working with the Global aviation industry during the Sukhoi -30MKM Procurement Project. Strong Business development experience with certification as a Professional Engineer from the Board of Engineers Malaysia.

March 2019 – PRESENT
Position : General Manager Business Defence
Company : MTC Engineering Sdn Bhd/ MTC Defence Sdn Bhd
Role, Projects,
and Involvement :
• Business Development in Defence Industry
• Established High Energy Material Research Laboratory to provide
Scientific, Engineering and Innovation Solution
• Developed and conducted a proof-of-concept local technology:
• Training Rocket for ATG exercise
• 1 KM Rocket Motor Solid Propellant
• 10 KM Rocket Motor Solid Propellant
• Smoke Signal
• Initiate Collaboration Program with Interested Party in Defence Industry.
• Supply B737 Mock-Up Cabin for UNiKL under SAB System Sdn Bhd
• Support Logistic and Launching Management to Equatorial Space
System’s Singapore Hybrid Rocket Motor.
• Deliver Electrical Fault Analysis and Troubleshoot Course
JULY 2018 – FEB 2019
Position : Managing Director
Company : Lestari Advanced Technology Sdn Bhd
Role, Projects and :
• Lead Development of Training Rocket for RMAF
• Delivered Training Rocket to RMAF for three Exercises.
11 Jan 2016 – JULY 2018
Position : Staff Officer 1 at Group System Alpha, Air Command Headquarters
Company : Air Command Support Headquarters RMAF
Role, Projects and
Involvement :
• Continuous Airworthiness Manager
• Manage Configuration Control of All Fighter Aircraft in the RMAF’s
• Manage and control maintenance activity.
• Manage and control maintenance resources
• Members of Configuration Control Board.
• Member of Air Modification Committee.
• Plan and Forecast Resources for maintenance activity.
• Authorized as Design Acceptance Representatives for All Fighter
Aircraft in the RMAF’s inventory
JAN 2015 – JAN 2016
Position : Head of Technical Training Department
Company : Institut Teknologi Aerospace (ITAS) Kolej Tentera Udara AS.
Role, Projects,
and Involvement :
• Ensure the disciplinary and administrative of all courses conduct.
• Coordinate all training resources available.
• Ensure all data, statistic and information updated
• Coordinate with Head of School in assuring all activities well
• Administer and manage all school.
• Interview failure student
• Monitor the performance of the students
• Ensure all syllabus, curriculum and handouts updated.

NOV 2011 – FEB 2014
Position : Head of Rectification Team Charlie
Company : No 11 Squadron Pangkalan Udara Gong Kedak.
Role, Projects and
• All 1st line Su-30MKM rectification and scheduled servicing.
• Forecasting requirement for spare components.
• Investigating and reporting of defects and incidents encountered.
• Advising the Senior Engineer in all technical and administrative aspects
of the 1st line maintenance.
• Planning & management of the 150 technician workforce.
• Carrying out base duties and other tasks ordered by base management.

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